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A Week’s Fitness Recipe For Girls.

A week’s fitness recipe for girls.

Weight loss fitness is very important for food control, so before losing weight, we should also understand some weight loss fitness meals, which can help us achieve better weight loss and fitness effects. Generally speaking, fitness meals can be eaten at three meals a day. , Especially to control calorie intake. Let’s take a look at the lady’s fitness meal recipe for seven days a week.


1. Monday, Tuesday: chicken breast, fruit salad, sweet potato

Sweet potato is a staple food with relatively low calories, which can replace the rice or pasta we often eat, thereby reducing calorie intake. And chicken breast is a kind of meat with relatively low calories and high in protein, which will help us build muscle. Fruit salad is rich in vitamins and some fiber, which helps the human body to absorb and digest food, and is a great help to our intestinal peristalsis.

A week's fitness recipe for girls.


2. Wednesday, Thursday: beef, vegetables, whole wheat bread

Beef has a very high nutritional value, can supplement protein, and can increase muscles, so it is very suitable for friends who are exercising. The whole wheat bread contains relatively low calories and can play a full role. It is suitable for us to eat when we lose weight or fitness. It can replace the rice or pasta we eat daily, thereby reducing the calorie intake. Vegetables are mainly supplemented with vitamins and cellulose, which help intestinal peristalsis.


3. Friday, Saturday, Sunday: corn, fish, eggs, apples

Eggs and fish meat are mainly to supplement the body’s protein. Because our cells are easily damaged during the fitness process, protein is needed to repair cells and can effectively increase muscles. Corn is rich in fiber and can play a full role, so it can replace the staple food and help our intestinal digestion. It is also relatively healthy food. Eating apples about half an hour after three meals will not only help digestion but also have lower calories.


The above is about the fitness meals for girls to work out 7 days a week. If we can persist in eating these foods for a long time, it will be very helpful to our weight loss and fitness, and it is also very beneficial to our health.


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