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Do you know the Fitness Basics?

Fitness can not only be learned by watching others practice, blindly learning other people’s fitness methods can easily cause harm to oneself. It is best to learn about fitness before fitness. This is the best fitness behavior for your body.

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1. In order to allow your body to have better recovery and growth after each fitness training, it is best to allow the two large muscle group trainings to be separated by about 72 hours, which is 3 days.


2. As a regulating system, the human body will not reduce your body fat reserves as a whole because of your aerobic exercise and consumption of fat. To reduce fat and weight effectively, you need more and more comprehensive fitness content.


3. Stopping exercise will cause high-level trainers to lose a greater percentage of their fitness level (maximum oxygen uptake, muscle metabolism, muscle strength, etc.), but they will still have a higher body and physical fitness than the average person! Fitness is really not as unpredictable as you think. You just need to spend a little more time at the beginning, and then you can enjoy it.


4. The back muscles of fitness beginners are relatively weak, and they have not mastered the correct posture for exerting force. It is very easy to get lumbar disc herniation by sudden load.


5. For beginners who are new to fitness, using equipment to train is much better than pure self-weight training. Equipment fitness is safer for pregnant women. For expectant mothers who train in the gym, it is recommended to focus on fixed equipment training for large muscle groups, such as high pull-down, sitting leg flexion and extension, etc. are very good.


6. In fitness, the training interval for muscle growth should be 30-90 seconds, which can better stimulate the secretion of growth hormone and promote muscle gain and fat loss.


7. Ingestion of protein in fitness training can help muscle growth from a hormone perspective.


8. In the process of fitness, meditating on the parts that exert force is very helpful to improve the fitness effect. In the field of fitness, this is called the unity of mind and movement, and it is a small trick that many people prove to live.


9. In fitness exercises, appropriate sugar supplements can better complete the day’s training plan.

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10. Under the same intensity, the fat oxidation rate of daily exercisers is nearly double that of those without training, so long-term training can increase the body’s ability to mobilize and utilize fat.


11. Fitness every day, regular high-intensity, high-volume exercise will weaken the immune system, let the body enter a period of immunosuppression, and make it easier to catch a cold and get sick.


12. Directional atrophy of muscles is the same as directional fat loss, which is currently impossible to complete through fitness training.


If you are new to fitness after seeing this article, please keep it in mind. This will help you reduce the occurrence of errors during the fitness journey and better improve the fitness effect.

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