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The four most effective exercises for reducing belly.

The four most effective exercises for reducing belly.

For the office workers, every day is full of sitting, long-term plus lack of sport, the stomach is easy to form fat. Reducing the fat on the stomach requires a lot of cooperation, but the most important thing is exercise. There is no way to change the office environment, so choose an effective exercise to lose the fat on your stomach.
Method of reducing belly 1:
1. Sit on the ground, bend your legs together, and bend your elbows to gently hold your head.
2. Slowly lift your waist and abdomen until the upper body and the ground are between 30 and 60 degrees.
3. Keep this action for 5 seconds, then slowly fall, repeat the practice of 3 groups, each group do 15 times.
Method of reducing belly 2:
1. Sit on the ground and put your hands behind your head. The shoulders, neck and head are lifted up slightly, and the thighs are lifted up to 60 degrees to the ground, and the calves and the ground are balanced.
2, slowly stretch the legs, you can’t fully straighten your legs, as long as you feel the waist and abdomen tighten. Repeat the practice of 2 groups, each group doing 15 times.
Method of reducing belly 3:
1. Lying on the ground, raise your legs up to 60 degrees with the ground, you’re your head with both hands, and lift your upper body.
2, the upper body slowly rotates to the right side, while tightening the right leg, the left leg remains stationary, the left elbow is thick and the right leg is knee.
3. Turn your body to the left again and touch your left leg with your right elbow. Repeat the practice of two groups, each group doing 25 times.
Method of reducing belly 4:
1. Stand naturally, legs straight and straight, right hand on the hips, holding dumbbells in the left hand, keep the natural hanging down.
2, the body slowly tilted to the left, the left hand as far as possible drooping, has been to the maximum limit, and then straighten the body. Practice two groups on each side, each group practicing 20 times.

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