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How To Eliminate Abdominal Fat And Build Six-pack Abs

How To Eliminate Abdominal Fat And Build Six-pack Abs

Whether it is a man or a woman, getting six-packs, or highlighting the so-called mermaid line and vest line, requires effort, time and patience. Generally speaking, a successful weight loss program usually takes 6-12 weeks. Onset, daily changes in body weight are nothing more than the effects of moisture in the body.


Obviously, if you have too much fat in your body, the abdominal muscles cannot be highlighted. Therefore, you need to do two things: control your diet and exercise continuously; achieve two goals: reduce fat and gain muscle. In this way, for men, you can have obvious and strong abdominal muscles, and for women, you can have a flat stomach. This article details the two goals that allow you to achieve the mermaid line, vest Line approach.


1. Fat Reduction (Eliminate Abdominal Fat)
1. Aerobic exercise is the basis of weight loss
Your goal is to consume extra belly fat. Therefore, you need more aerobic exercise to increase calorie consumption and thus promote fat burning. Aerobic exercise refers to long-term endurance exercises that maintain a certain heart rate at a specific time, such as sports such as running, fitness walking, cycling, swimming, and rowing. Aerobic exercise for weight loss should be performed 5 times a week for at least 1 hour each.

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2. Weight loss can’t make aerobic, you need more strength exercises
Those who join the running army because of weight loss are definitely the largest proportion of the running population. Running to lose weight is obviously effective, but often encounters a bottleneck period after a period of time, which means that if you lose weight to a certain extent, you will find that it will decrease very difficult. At this time, you actually need more strength exercises. The higher your muscle mass, the more calories you can burn, even when you are quiet. Continuous strength training is very important to improve basal metabolism. It will make you burn more calories than normal people when you are not exercising. If you only perform cardio training (running, playing basketball, playing football) without strength Sexual exercise and weight loss actually become more difficult.


2. Muscle building (abdominal muscle)
In fact, if you want to lose the whole meat on your stomach, you need to do more whole-body exercises, such as running, swimming, whole-body strength exercises, etc., because a basic principle is that there is no site selectivity for fat consumption, even if Doing 1000 sit-ups can’t consume too much abdominal fat, so why do we still need to train abdominal muscles? Because this can strengthen our abdominal muscles and increase their volume appropriately so that they can show abdominal muscles faster. Let’s put it this way, if you want to consume fat, it is definitely not enough to exercise abdominal muscles, but it is essential.


Some exercises allow all core muscles, including the rectus abdominis muscle, to drive and support the spine. Such as squats, deadlifts, so practicing these exercises can also indirectly exercise the abdominal muscles.



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