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The Most Effective Home Slimming Plan.

The Most Effective Home Slimming Plan.

It is good for a person to exercise regularly, such as weight loss, muscle gain, etc. Some people will also make some weight-loss fitness plans when doing weight-loss fitness. Of course, it is also beneficial for weight-loss. Some people still know what the weight-loss fitness plan in that family is. So, what is the most effective home slimming plan? Let’s take a look below.


Monday: Freehand squat
The feet are the same width as the hips, the toes are facing forward, the chest is raised and the abdomen is kept, and the body is kept stable when squatting. With your knees in the direction of your toes, your thighs are parallel to the ground when you squat, and you squat a little more, then squat and exhale at the same time. Do 20 times in each group and do 4 groups.

Home Slimming Plan

Tuesday: Squat + alternate lunge squat
Cross your hands tightly to your chest, do a squat, and then alternate squats, pay attention to the coordination of movements, do 20 times per group, do 4 groups.


Wednesday: squat jump
Make an upward jump on the basis of the squat. When we fall after jumping, our knees keep slightly curved, and we need to buffer the body. Do n’t straighten the knees when falling, otherwise, it is easy to be injured. Pay attention to breathing. Do 4 groups.


Thursday: Russian turn
Lying on the back on the mat, leaving the upper body and lower body away from the mat, hands clasped tightly, the abdominal muscles force the body to turn left and right, doing 40 times per group, doing 4 groups


Friday: supine leg lift + anti-abdominal
Lie on the mat with your legs straight, your hands under your hips, your legs straight up, your hips away from the mat, your waist suspended from the mat, and use your abdominal muscles to curl up, do 15 times per group, do 4 groups.


Saturday: Mountaineering
Push-up posture, core tightening, fast raise knees with both feet, improve as much as possible, maintain breathing rhythm, do 20 times for each foot, a total of 40 times, do 4 groups.




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