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Does Modal Shrink Like Cotton?

What is modal fabric? Is it breathable? Which one is better than pure cotton? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

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Modal fiber is made from wood slurry produced in European shrubs and then processed through a special spinning process. It is a cellulose fiber, so it is a cellulose fiber like cotton and is a pure man-made fiber. The raw material of the fiber is beech wood, which is first made into wood pulp and then processed into fiber through a special spinning process. There is no pollution in the entire production process of the fiber. Its dry strength is close to that of polyester, its wet strength is much higher than that of ordinary viscose, and its gloss, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeability, and dye fastness are all better than those of pure cotton products; fabrics made with it show A silky sheen with a pleasant soft touch feel and drape and excellent wearability.

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1. Advantages of modal fabric

1) The raw material of modal fiber comes from natural wood and can be naturally degraded after use.

2) Modal fiber is soft, smooth and brightly colored. The fabric feels very smooth, has bright luster, and has better drape than existing cotton, polyester, and rayon. It is a natural mercerized fabric with a silky luster and feel.

3) Modal fiber has the strength and toughness of synthetic fibers, with a dry strength of 35.6cn and a wet strength of 25.6cn. The strength is higher than that of pure cotton and polyester cotton, which reduces breakage during processing.

4) The moisture absorption capacity of Modal fiber is 50% higher than that of cotton fiber, making Modal fiber fabric dry and breathable. It is an ideal fabric for personal fabrics and bedding, and is beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.

5) Compared with cotton fiber, Modal fiber has good shape and dimensional stability, making the fabric naturally wrinkle-resistant and non-ironing, making it more convenient and natural to wear.

6) The dyeing performance of Modal fiber is very good. It remains bright and new after many washings. It absorbs moisture thoroughly and has good color fastness. Compared with pure cotton, it is more comfortable to wear and does not have the shortcomings of pure cotton clothing that is easy to fade and turn yellow. Therefore, the fabric has bright color and stable wearing performance.

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2. Disadvantages of Modal fabrics

Because Modal fabric is relatively light and thin, its disadvantage is that it is easily deformed. If you have such fabrics at home, pay special attention when cleaning them. Generally speaking, this kind of fabric should not be twisted hard when cleaning and should be laid flat when drying. Do not use hangers to support it to avoid deformation.


3. Maintenance skills

1. Modal fabric is suitable for washing, but dry cleaning is not recommended. When washing, soak as you go, and the soaking time should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the dirt in the water may enter the clothes again.

2. Modal fabrics can be washed in a washing machine, but they should be placed in an underwear-cleaning bag. The water temperature should not be too high. It is recommended to wash by hand.

3. Modal fiber is shorter and the fabric will harden slightly when exposed to water. When washing, try to wash it gently by hand to avoid excessive friction.

4. It is best to choose neutral detergent or low-alkali detergent when washing. Do not use fabric softener.

5. After washing, wash with clean water to avoid laundry detergent residue on the clothes. The residue of laundry detergent can easily turn clothes yellow.

6. When draining after washing, clothes should be folded to squeeze out a lot of water to avoid distortion and excessive deformation.


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