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Exercise Vs Diet- How To Pay Attention To Diet Before And After Exercise

Exercise Vs Diet- How To Pay Attention To Diet Before And After Exercise

It is not advisable to run or exercise after a meal. Because the digestive organs require a lot of blood supply after meals, they perform intense “work”. If you run or exercise at this time, it will inevitably cause skeletal muscles to “grab” a lot of blood, resulting in ischemia of the digestive tract, which not only weakens the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract but also significantly reduces the secretion of digestive juice, which will cause indigestion.


1. The stomach is full of food after meals, shaking the stomach and intestines during exercise, causing the mesentery connecting the stomach and intestines to be stretched, causing abdominal pain.

2. During exercise, the blood distribution is transferred from the digestive tract to skeletal muscle, which promotes ischemia of the digestive tract and causes gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm, which causes abdominal pain.

3. The body’s oxygen demand increases during exercise, and people who lack exercise usually have a small lung capacity. At this time, strenuous breathing is prone to shallow and fast breathing. This reduces the negative pressure in the thorax, causing liver blood flow to be blocked, which leads to liver congestion and increased liver capsule tension, which causes liver pain, which is manifested as right upper quadrant pain.

Other gastrointestinal disorders, including appendicitis, occur just after exercise after a meal.

How To Pay Attention To Diet Before And After Exercise

Early morning exercise
Principle: According to personal preference, you can exercise on an empty stomach, but you should appropriately add some sugary healthy drinks, and eat 30 minutes after exercise.

Provide choices: you can drink some drinks, such as milk, juice, sweet soy milk, etc. to add moisture, and have a sense of satiety; you can also add a fiber-rich biscuit or bread.

Afternoon exercise (It is generally not recommended to exercise around 12 noon, 3-6 noon is the best time for the human body to accept exercise)


Principle: Complete lunch 3 hours before exercise, you can add a fruit or sports drink.

Provide choices: Carbohydrate foods such as rice can make you energetic when exercising. If you are doing strength training, you should eat more protein-containing foods, such as seafood or low-fat yogurt, which can help muscle tissue grow.


Evening sports
Principle: If it is exercise after a meal, it will take 1 hour, but it is easy to feel tired because muscle activity requires oxygen-rich blood, and at this time the blood flows to the digestive tract.

 It’s better to exercise 3 hours after dinner. You can moderately hydrate your body after exercise, but don’t add a lot of food to prevent digestion and sleep.





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