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Do you know the original of the corsets

We all know real waist trainer are becoming more and more popular, but do you know the origins of it?


History shows that the history of wearing real waist trainer can be traced back to ancient times. Ancient Greeks are one of the people wearing corsets. However, even women in the biblical age are using this clothing.

Between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, rich French people used pulled-in to strengthen their waists. Since then, the popularity of corsets has spread to other countries.


The word “corset” includes French words that actually mean the body. It is a tights that covers the central torso, with the chest protruding upward or outward, or wrapping the waist, or both.


From many portraits of this era, corsets became a popular trend during the Renaissance. However, between the 16th and 17th centuries, the popular corset was actually stiff and uncomfortable, made of wood or iron, and also a whale, which later became the compactness that ensured compression in the following centuries The main agent.

The tradition of wearing a corset began in Spain, according to historical records, this dress is considered the key to Spain’s invasion of freedom in the country. It is said that a Spanish queen has vowed to her people that she will not unzip the corset until their country is freed. It looks like it’s funny now, but given the corsets of those years, it’s really a commitment to encourage respect.


Corset may be the most controversial fashion goods in the history of fashion. It is considered an important element of fashion from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. But most of us do not know that people often despise it as a means of torture and the cause of illness. In fact, countless questions and curiosities, why women over the centuries lived on this dress for four hundred years until it stopped.


In fact, corsets have become a point of interest for fashion historians and even the general public. So far, the corset has left a mark on people’s minds, accompanied by an increasing view of its changing influence centuries


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