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What Is The Correct Way To Jog?

The Correct Way To Jog.

Jogging is a type of running. If a person often jogs, there are many benefits to the human body. Therefore, more and more people like jogging, so what is the correct way to jog? Let’s take a look!


The correct way to jog

1. Landing cushioning: If you have carefully observed other people running, you will find that many people land on the soles of their feet and make a louder sound when landing. The correct action is when running when the vacant foot lands on the ground, the middle foot should touch the ground first and the soles of the feet should not touch the ground. This is a kind of protection for the ankle and knee to prevent the occurrence of periostitis.


2. Arm swing: Arm swing is to maintain the balance and coordination of the body during running, so that the body swings more naturally, which is more in line with the rhythm of human movement. When swinging your arms, just remember not to show your elbows before and your hands afterward, and naturally follow your steps.


3. Head up and chest up: Running is to keep your head up and chest up, which helps to improve the body’s respiratory and circulatory system and establish a normal state of memory. Because the human body is constantly consuming energy during running and is prone to fatigue. At this time, if you can use your will to stand up your spine, it is actually very simple to improve your hunchback.

The Correct Way To Jog.


4. Breathing: Breathing while running is profound and long. Generally speaking, you use nasal suction to exhale. When your physical strength drops more severely, you can use mouth suction.


5. Heart rate: Jogging, as a kind of health aerobic exercise, should be distinguished from fast running. Generally speaking, the most suitable heart rate rhythm for physical exercise is: (220-age)×60%. Everyone can properly measure the following when running.


6. Head and shoulders: Keep your head and shoulders stable. Keep your head in front of you, and keep your chin in, but don’t lower your head. When running, relax and droop your shoulders first, then shrug as much as possible, stay for a while, restore the original posture and repeat.


7. Arms and hands: hold the hands slightly, bend the arms about 90 degrees, and swing back and forth naturally. Be careful not to expose your elbows with your forward arms, and do not expose your hands with your backward arms.


8. Legs: Use the thighs to drive the calves, with the knee joint facing the toes, raise it to a reasonable height and then lower it and repeat.


9. Feet: relax your feet, don’t tighten your toes, raise your feet 10 centimeters above the ground, and repeat. Do not push the forefoot too hard when the soles of the feet land, so as not to cause the calf muscles to develop.



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