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What are the commonly used good ways to lose weight?

What are the commonly used good ways to lose weight?


Are you still worrying about your weight gaining all the time? When you are gaining weight, you can try the following ways to lose weight.



1. Drink water appropriately


Drinking water appropriately, rather than drinking too much water blindly, is more conducive to health and weight loss. Drinking water is good. According to scientific research, drinking 1.5 liters of water a day can burn 17,400 more calories every year, which is equivalent to a weight loss of about 4.5 kg!

However, you should not drink too much, because drinking too much water can easily accumulate in the body and cause edema.


2. Variety of sports


Why does weight loss encounter a plateau? When you do the same exercise every day, your body will gradually adapt to your exercise intensity and pattern. At the same time, as your weight decreases, the same amount of exercise consumes fewer calories. Then you enter the plateau period. Therefore, it is best to arrange 2-3 kinds of exercises during the weight-loss period, and then alternate exercises are the best.


3. Appropriate iron supplementation


To be honest, fat people are malnourished. Because fat people eat more but have less nutrition. Such as iron deficiency.
If there is not enough iron in the body, cells will not be able to get enough oxygen, thereby reducing metabolism! So in daily life, you can eat more iron-supplemented foods: such as grains and soy products.


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4. Indispensable dairy products


According to the Chinese Dietary Guidelines, everyone is encouraged to eat a variety of dairy products every day, the total amount is about 300g of liquid milk.
Scientists have long confirmed that calcium is one of the important elements that promote fat burning. So it’s important to eat some dairy products every day.


5. Sufficient sleep


For people who want to improve metabolism, in addition to eating and moving, there is another link that cannot be ignored, that is, adequate sleep.
If you want to keep your metabolism at an optimal level, you must get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. If you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism slows down and you get fat.


6. Persist in strength exercises


Compared with aerobic exercise, the biggest advantage of strength exercise is the halo effect. Within 48 hours after you finish the exercise, your metabolism and fat burning will always be at a high level, which is very conducive to weight loss.


Therefore, during the weight-loss period, a certain amount of strength exercises must be arranged in conjunction with aerobic exercises.



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