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How To Choose Waist Trainer Size? Here Are Some Answers.

How To Choose Waist Trainer Size?

The size of the waist trainer is actually very important when choosing it. Many people don’t know how to choose the size of the waist trainer when they first wear it. As a result, they don’t fit when they buy it, and they can’t wear it at home. Therefore, how to choose a waist trainer size becomes more important.

How to choose waist trainer size?

You must go to the counter when you choose a waist trainer. Please ask the underwear consultant to personally measure the size of each circumference of the body (not across the coat), and choose different underwear to try on according to your physical characteristics until the most suitable one is selected. You can’t buy underwear with your usual body measurement data, because your body is not static, and your measurement may not be accurate and professional. Nor can you use the data measured by this brand to buy the brand’s body sculpting underwear, because different brands of body sculpting underwear may be measured differently, and the size setting of the body sculpting underwear is not the same, just choose the appropriate model.

A chart tells you how to choose waist trainer size.


How to measure the size of the waist trainer?

In general, the shapewear should know at least four of your values: height, weight, bust, waist.
Standard measurement method:
Lower bust: Hold the chest up, and the body circumference below the breast is the lower bust.
Upper bust: perimeter data obtained by parallel measurement without pressing on the nipple.
Waist circumference: Put your hands on your shoulders and measure the waist circumference in the horizontal position between the elbows.
Hip circumference: Data measured at the horizontal circumference of the fullest part of the hip.

Choose waist trainer size purchase considerations.

Generally speaking, it is best to buy the right size. If you have a well-formed body, you can choose M or L size. For example, the height of 165-170-175 can usually choose thieves M, L. If you like tighter, you can make M, and if you are afraid of Le, you can adjust the size. If you blindly buy the S number, you may find that it is not long enough. Although it is tight, it is very uncomfortable for a long time, and it eventually wastes money.

Therefore, We need to choose the correct size waist trainer.


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