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Can I Wear A Waist Trainer During Sports? Things You Need To Know.(1)

Can I Wear A Waist Trainer During Sports?

As summer approached, more and more people began to carry out abdomen abuse plan, want to wear beautiful beauty navel costume in summer. But as the temperature rises, the training time left for us becomes shorter and shorter, which requires us to choose some auxiliary tools to improve the efficiency of exercise. In addition to a series of auxiliary tools to strengthen training intensity, such as the yoga wheel and resistance bands that we have learned every day, there is also a training tool that is often not associated with a fitness-the waist trainer. Can I wear a waist trainer during sports?

The origin of the waist trainer

The waist trainers we know every day are generally used by women to shape a more perfect body or postpartum repair, and with the development of the market, modern waist trainers are more used as fitness aids. The earliest origin of the tree demon was in Europe, and the residents rushed to spread it because a queen had wrapped her belly with cloth strips to cover her pregnancy, and accidentally discovered the effect of raising the chest to highlight the figure, and began to become popular among nobles. We see that many ladies in the aristocratic dances in many Renaissance paintings often wear various colored waist trainers and fashionable ball costumes, which are more luxurious and magnificent.

wear a waist trainer during sports

However, this beautiful decoration has also brought a big burden on the female body. After a period of popularity, a doctor in Europe has launched an anti-waist trainer movement, but the reason is that this waist trainer will affect women’s pregnancy, not Really stand on the perspective of female freedom. Later, a woman in the United States said in the anti-waist trainer movement that the role of a woman is not a wife or a mother, but a woman herself. It is not that she can become an aristocrat by wearing a waist trainer. These remarks also affected some contemporary women. It was not until the emergence of waist trainers that women really escaped from their waist trainers.

Benefits of waist trainer + exercise

The medieval waist trainer only relied on external forces and drawstrings to achieve a tight effect, made of stiff and rigid cloth whale bones but selected the most suitable soft material for human use according to multiple experiments and adjustments, which is in line with human body data. It can provide support for the core strength and protect our lumbar spine.

The sports waist trainer is mainly worn above our pelvis below the chest, which can effectively prevent the waist from bending and tighten the core strength in daily exercise. We all know that if you make mistakes when you exercise, not only will you not exercise to the part you want to exercise, but it will cause damage to other places. Sports waist can effectively prevent this from happening and help us better when exercising. Tighten the abdomen to prevent the abdomen from protruding, while being able to correct the posture by an external force.


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