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Can exercise during menstruation?

Can exercise during menstruation?

Can you run during menstruation? During menstruation, many people, whether girls or boys think it is not suitable for exercise. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Can exercise during menstruation? How should you exercise? Let us take a look.

Can exercise during menstruation? –Sure.
As long as it is not severe menstrual pain, excessive blood volume, or functional uterine bleeding, you can participate in appropriate exercise during menstruation.


Can exercise during menstruation?



1. Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon for women. Appropriate physical exercise during menstruation can improve pelvic blood circulation and reduce congestion.
2. At the same time, the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles can also get certain contraction and relaxation activities, which are conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood. Moreover, proper exercise can regulate the brain’s excitement and inhibition process, making people happy, and even some symptoms of irregular menstruation will disappear.
3. Avoid doing exercises that increase abdominal pressure, such as push-ups, sit-ups, etc. Because increasing abdominal pressure will change the position of the uterus and increase menstrual blood; do not participate in sports in the water, so as to avoid infection and menstrual disorders; do not participate in violent vibration exercises, such as long jump, high jump, 100-meter race.


During menstruation, you can choose some exercises that you usually practice, such as gymnastics, jogging, table tennis, boxing, shooting, etc. Choose some small exercises that will not cause harm to the body.

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