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Kim Kardashian Gathers Sisters To Bring Goods For Body Sculpting, Ken Doo Is Absent

Kim Kardashian Gathers Sisters To Bring Goods For Body Sculpting, Ken Doo Is Absent

Reality actress Kim Kardashian, who has passed her 39th birthday, now seems to be putting all her energy into her career. She has just launched her own beauty product KKW into the largest cosmetics chain in the United States, and now she is doing her best Go publicize her sculpting collection.


King seems to be more enthusiastic about the SKIMS body shaper. Last month, she and her elder sister Courtney Kardashian arrived in Armenia and went to the presidential palace for a dinner. The late Kardashian father, Robert Kardashian, is the third generation in the beautiful Armenia, so King and Courtney were there to return to their “hometown”, but King herself still has business considerations, she wants to be in Armenia Building a factory to produce her body sculpting clothes also created job opportunities for the local area.

bring goods for body sculpting

On the 26th local time, Kim shared a group photo on personal social media. Several women gathered together in sculpting clothes. Among them were King’s older sister Courtney, and three sisters Kohler (standing at the end), and Jin Natong. The half-sister Kelly Jenna, but the supermodel sister Kendall Jenna is absent.


Ken Dou’s absent sister’s “family portrait” is not once or twice. At Christmas last year, Ken Dou was absent from the Christmas card photo, which was ridiculed by netizens because it was because there were no children. Although the Kardashian family is currently married to only Jin, Courtney, Kohler and Kelly have their own baby, only Kendou is a pure single noble.


However, this time Kendou was considered by netizens to be too thin, so he was not selected as a bodybuilding team. Kendou’s long, slender and fat-free figure doesn’t need the help of bodybuilding at all. The 23-year-old Ken Dou once ridiculed himself as a “twig”, saying that he also envied the sisters’ abundance, but he had no choice but to grow.


On the other hand, Jin said in an interview that he can’t do without sculpting clothes because he is too bloated. Although he is actively exercising, he can’t get back to the slimness he once had. Although this is considered a means of propaganda, it also shows that women’s bodies become more and more difficult to resist gravity as they age.




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