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Kim Kardashian’s bodysuit series SKIMS is here!

Kim Kardashian’s bodysuit series SKIMS is here!

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Kim Kardashian West is very open to her long-term love for corsets. The 38-year-old Kardashian West has always followed his iconic style, but has never been ashamed to admit that he has had an unforgettable time with the help of body-building clothing to enhance his popularity. A perfume bottle designed according to her bare chest and torso.

However, she still keeps in touch with the Kardashians star and admits that she has never been completely satisfied with the smooth and slender spandex shrap that she has passed through.

“I use tights as a solution to meet my styling needs. I always wanted to make my body smooth, sometimes not necessarily changing the shape,” Kardashian West told people. “When I wear pure clothes, I use a bodice-lined jumpsuit and dress.”


Kardashian West often finds himself needing to cut, dye (use tea bags!) and customize his bodysuit to suit his needs. She explained: “When I put on a dress or skirt with a gap, I will cut a leg, but it will roll up. I still need support from other places, and I never feel that I can get support.”

The business tycoon realized that it was time to create a solution-centric human sculpture brand SKIMS Solutionwear.


“I will always build my bodysuit as my solution to things. I think I have been designing clothing for 15 years,” Kardashian West said. “I am proud of this line. I am proud of the fabric. She added that the one-leg bicycle shorts are short and I have not done anything before.

Like any type of body sculpting suit, Kardashian West hopes that these works will highlight the female body. But unlike other designs, comfort is key when preparing to release SKIMS. She said: “I noticed that many people do not wear corsets because they feel claustrophobia or limited body, but these people like SKIMS.” People feel very comfortable with this. SKIMS includes bikini bottoms, thongs, bras, waist sneakers, bodysuits, tight leggings, and retail prices ranging from $18 to $98. They range in size from XXS to 5XL, providing three tensions depending on the degree of support required, providing nine different shades when released, and more tones as the brand expand.

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