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How To Compare Body Trainer Corset

How to compare body trainer corset


Recently body trainer corset are becoming more and more popular, a variety of body trainer corset full of the market, how to make a compare and what feature to compare

  1. Type and Material

There are two main types of body trainer corset – waist trainers and waist trainer vests. You can use a short underbust waist trainers that without bra, you can wear it under your clothing, while vests can be worn independently as they usually have a 3-in-1 design (sports bra + waist trimmer + waist trainer).

Waist trainers use innovative materials and consist of 2,3 or even 4 layers. Their inner layer is usually made of natural hypoallergenic cotton. Quite often, the outer layer looks gorgeous and is produced from bright or patterned fabric (most girls like trendy sportswear)! The core layer is made of rubber fabric to compress the waist and hold heat. Most manufacturers use latex, but you can also find polyamide and neoprene corsets. All of them work great, so choose a model according to your personal preferences.


  1. Sizing and Adjustment

Body trainer corset come in different sizes and types, and the choice is really huge – from 3X Small even to 6X large size. The body trainer corset can be adjusted with lacing, Velcros, zippers, hooks and loops. A lacing allows you to tighten a corset as snugly as you want, but it’s likely that you’ll need assistance. Models with a zipper work best for those who need a little compression. Also, zippers can be combined with Velcros to make your workouts more efficient  – you can shift the velcro for various lift exercises. Yet, most waist trainers have 3 rows of hooks for a long-lasting waist cinching effect even after you start losing inches off your waist.

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  1. Boning

Bones support the corset and constrain your waist. They also help posture and prevent back fatigue. Originally, they were made from whalebone – rigid and flexible material. Today, the manufacturers use plastic or steel. Such bones are very flexible, durable, and keep the shape well. However, you can also find models without them. Hardly will you need a steel boning corset for a gym workout, a latex  body trainer corset will be a better solution due to its elasticity and agility.


Hope you find the most suitable waist trainer and have a satisfied figure

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