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Belly Wraps vs Waist Trainers – What You Need To Know!

Belly Wraps vs Waist Trainers – What You Need To Know!.


We all heard a lot of information about waist coaches in the news, so we think it’s time to make some suggestions for a safe and effective postpartum belly package.

We asked Dr. Cynthia Robbins. Gynecologists and women’s health experts will help you clarify the difference between the two!

After birth, the ligaments and cartilage in the body are softened by hormones called relaxin. This hormone is produced at the end of pregnancy to allow structural changes as the baby passes through the birth canal. I recommend that the patient wear a waist trainer after giving birth. Use plastic wrap or abdominal wrap to stabilize the patient’s pelvis, keep it in place and no longer shift, so you can resume movement as soon as possible and return to normal function and pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible. This is a healthy way to speed up recovery.

“But the waist trainer is a very tight-fitting garment that can be tightened and pulled tighter to pull the floating ribs and compress from an anatomical angle. This dress is taller, as usual, we recommend that you consult a doctor. And remember that the most important thing is that postpartum compression should provide comfort and promote healing, not discomfort or pain!

Dr Galyna Selezneva, a medical doctor at the Dr. Rita Rakus clinic in London, told the Huffington Post: ‘Formal corset training takes year of dedication and is not a quick fix to achieve a small waist. People such as Dita Von Teese have spent years training their body and waist through proper use of corsets.’

A waist trainer will give the impression of a smaller waist when you take it off.


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