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What Affordable Waist Trainer Should I Buy?

What Affordable Waist Trainer Should I Buy?

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1. Find the top of your hip bone
2. Find the bottom of your ribs

3. Place a tape measure between the two areas and wrap it around the waist. It is best to measure cloth because it is easier to move around your body than metal or hard measuring affordable waist trainer tools. Don’t let it slack but don’t get too tight.

(Hint: If you don’t have a flexible measuring tool, you can also measure with a rope, then mark the chord around the waist and place it on the hard measurement tool)

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Choose your size

Using the chart below, you can see which size is best for you: if you are closer to the tighter end of these measurements, it will suggest going to a larger option and then training your waist to a smaller size. Never choose the size you want, not the size that actually fits you. There is no need to get a affordable waist trainer, there is no fit at all, or just wearing it is just assembly and very unsuitable. Listen to your body.

In some cases, this chart may not be applicable. Sometimes your body is irregular after childbirth, or your hip or abdomen area may be smaller or larger. Be sure to consider these factors when choosing a size.

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Hope this helps you find the best!

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