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What is an aerobic exercise method to lose weight?

What is an aerobic exercise method to lose weight?


The selected weight loss exercise must be aerobic exercise because only aerobic exercise can really achieve the effect of burning fat and losing weight. Here are a few commonly used aerobic exercise methods to lose weight.


1. Skating

Fat burning effect: 420 calories/hour
In the cold winter, the most suitable aerobic exercise for weight loss is skating. Skating has a great charm and is also a fashionable exercise. Skating can exercise coordination ability, and can also exercise strong and elastic leg muscles for body shape. Skating is the most suitable aerobic exercise in winter. It can increase the vital capacity of the human body and is also one of the fastest aerobic exercises for weight loss.


2. Bicycle


Riding a bicycle can exercise the leg joints and thigh muscles, and can make loose leg fats firmer, so as to develop beautiful leg lines. At the same time, cycling has a certain health effect on the feet and ankles, and cycling in winter can also help promote blood circulation.


 aerobic exercise


3. Jogging, walking


Jogging or walking is a good aerobic exercise, and it is also a simple and easy way of exercise. Both of these exercises are beneficial to the heart and blood circulation. If you insist on walking or jogging for more than half an hour every day, you can lose weight. But if you want to enhance the exercise effect, you can combine walking with slow walking.


4. Volleyball


Volleyball is very effective for exercising arm muscles and abdominal muscles. To play volleyball, you need to bounce frequently and hit the ball with your hands, so it can also improve your body’s flexibility.


5. Badminton

Badminton can enhance the flexibility and coordination of the human body. Playing badminton regularly can also enhance the mobility of the upper and lower limbs and trunk of the human body, effectively improve the function of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system, regulate the nervous system, and enhance the ability of anti-lactic acid and body resistance.


What are the fastest aerobic exercises to lose weight? These five are commonly used fitness exercises for weight loss and the easiest exercises to implement. Friends who want to lose weight can take these exercises.



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