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The Postpartum Reduce Belly Fat Is Important,Is The Girdle A Gauze Or A Waist Trainer?

The Postpartum Reduce Belly Fat Is Important,Is The Girdle A Gauze Or A Waist Trainer?

The due date is getting closer, and many mothers are preparing their own delivery kits. Except for some personal items, the baby needs clothes and bottles after birth. But one thing the mother must not forget is the girdle. the postpartum reduce belly fat is important, is the girdle a gauze or a waist trainer?


Benefits of using a girdle for postpartum moms
The post-partum band can be used to wrap the abdomen well, help to heal laparotomy wounds, prevent internal organs from moving down, and avoid the annoying belly after birth. And the correct use of the abdominal band can prevent postpartum pubic pain.

A Gauze Or A Waist Trainer

When to postpartum
Normal delivery: The normal delivery mother usually gives birth, and the doctor will tell you to use an abdominal band. But be sure to pay attention to the use method and use the abdominal belt reasonably.
Cesarean section: It is best to use an abdominal band to wrap the abdomen within 7 days after the operation, because doing so will help relieve pain and promote wound healing. However, it is best to use it when getting out of bed. It should be removed after bedridden. It is not suitable to use the abdominal belt for a long time after removing the abdomen.
There are many kinds of corsets, including medical gauze, corsets with Velcro, and postpartum corsets. So which one is better?


1. Gauze girdle
This kind of girdle is generally made of cotton, which has good breathability, no elasticity, and good belly effect. The key is cheap. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to use. Every time you take a bath, sleep, or use the toilet, you have to worry for a long time. To put it plainly is trouble.


2. Girdle
This girdle is usually provided with a Velcro adhesive function. This kind of girdle is easy to operate and the recovery strength can be adjusted by Velcro, which is very popular with moms. Because of the elasticity of this girdle, the effect of abdomen is not good, and the effect will be worse if the elasticity is aging. In addition, the elastic girdle is made of chemical fiber, and many mothers may have skin allergies.


3. Postpartum corset
This body shaper is also the hottest on e-commerce platforms. It has magnet and infrared functions, which can not only abdomen but also accelerate uterine recovery. The size of the body wrap is too large, which may affect the blood circulation of the body. The reliability of this garment material is much lower than that of gauze.


Finally, I would like to say that if you want to eliminate the postpartum belly, using a girdle is not enough. Remember to start the postpartum exercise in time, the effect is more obvious. It should not be used for too long, it will slow down the gastrointestinal movement, cause anorexia, and the reddest cause the milk to decrease.
Gauze, cheap, good effect, trouble. The other two models are expensive, susceptible to allergies, and easy to use. Which one do you choose?



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