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Welcome to order our 25 bone waist trainer!

Welcome to order our 25 bone waist trainer!!

This waist trainer is being made of high-quality smooth latex material.
This material is totally different from latex, it’s touched smoothly and just like skin. The material usually used in high-end products, and we also use this material to design this 25 steel boned waist trainer. This waist trainer vest also has adjustable wide shoulder straps! 
25 steel bones are also usually for high-end products, so this product is a complete high-end product, as you see, the price is high, but that also means that best quality product can be sold with the best price, if your store needs a really really good stuff, this product will be your best choice, just take it to your customers and heard what they would say.

25 bone waist trainer

The steel skeleton corset can be used as an over-tight bodice or a bust-down bodice. The type of course you use depends on your personal preferences. The Overbust bodice provides coverage for the breast without the need for a bra. These corsets may or may not have straps to help support the shoulders. If you feel you need belt support, look for the steel skeleton option that includes the strap.

On the other hand, the Underbust bodice does not provide breast support and the top is located below the breast. This bodice offers more features because you can wear it on your clothes and change the type of bra you carry with you. Since you still have to wear this bra with a 25 bone waist trainer, these don’t apply to the strap.

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