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What Are The Simple Methods For Girls With Thin Arms?

Methods For Girls With Thin Arms

Obesity is a problem that many people care about, especially for girls, it is more at home because obesity has a great impact on beauty, so the method of slimming is a problem that many girls care about, and the method of each part is different. So, what are the simple ways of thin arms for girls? Let’s take a look below.


Dumbbell side lift
Keep your body in a standing position with your feet as wide as your shoulders. Spread your arms on both sides of the body and lift the dumbbells up and down, move slowly, adjust your breathing and raise and lower the dumbbells at the rhythm.

methods for girls with thin arms

Arms pull
Stand upright, hands down on both sides of the body, straight waist. Raise your hands to your chest, palms facing each other, fingers hooked to each other. Using the strength of both arms, pull the arm in the opposite direction, and when the limit is reached, hold the movement for 30 seconds, and then slowly return to its original state.


Double arm pinch
Straighten your arms forward to your chest, then use your arm’s strength to pinch your arms towards each other, and at the same time palms are folded together and your fingers are staggered. After maintaining this position for 15 seconds, slowly return to your original position and practice the exercise repeatedly Feeling sore and tired.


Arm supports the whole body
Sit in a bed or a clean place with your legs straight and your hands straight, supporting your body, then slowly lower it, and then slowly. This action is very tiring, ordinary people can achieve weight loss by doing three or four. Do n’t force yourself if you ca n’t, otherwise, it ’s easy to get hurt.


Lift the water bottle
Fill the two mineral water bottles with water, then put it in your hand and straighten up from the front and then back, then slowly lower it. It should be noted that this action must be carried out close to your ears. In general, each arm needs to be done 45 times a day and can be done separately. Persist for half a month, you can see obvious results.


Single-arm extension
First, press your arm on the pillow on the floor and straighten your legs to keep your body in a straight line. Then stretch your right arm to the right and lift it across the floor. After pausing the movement for a while, restore the arm, and keep the body straight in the process. Then lift the arm to the front parallel to the floor, then lift it up, and then restore it. After thirty seconds, change the other arm and do it again after taking a deep breath.



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